Simple. Secure. Resilient.

Build a strong IT framework today for the future tomorrow with AVBT

We Create Fully Connected Solutions So You Can Focus On Your Business

AVBT Framework has proven solutions and operation procedures offer the best performance, security and support for your organization’s business continuity.


Our streamlined approach to cybersecurity ensures that protection is accessible and easy to implement, without sacrificing effectiveness.


Using cutting-edge technologies and best practices to create impenetrable barriers against cyber threats, safeguarding your digital assets.


We build robust defenses that ensure continuous safeguarding of your systems and data, providing unparalleled resilience in the face of adversity.

Digital Forensics

Our meticulous approach ensures thorough investigations, empowering you with actionable insights for resolution and prevention.

Awards & Recognition

Enterprise Security Magazine
APAC Special

Top 10 Digital Forensics
Services Providers in APAC 2023

Top Digital Forensics
Services Provider in APAC 2023

CSA Cybersecurity Certification
Cyber Trust mark

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Are you Modern Workplace ready?
Ransomware – Protect your business data

The modern workplace has unknowingly seeped into and merged our corporate and personal lifestyles. Work and play are all connected digitally online now.

Data is the lifeblood of a business. Client data, financial transactions, operational details, all operations in the company are derived from data.

Managing IT, Protecting Data

At AVBT, we want to make IT simple for everyone. Our clients have important business activities to focus on and valuable data to protect, so let’s give them a peace of mind with our AVBT framework and experience!

We Create Fully Connected Solutions So You Can Focus On Your Business

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