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Cloud Email Hosting

Cloud email is the next level of modern office solutions to promote productivity and collaboration while being secure and complaint.

Cloud emails are synced across all different end user devices and allows end users to be device independent in cases where hard disk or computer crashes. This provides an additional layer of business continuity.

Cloud email systems have logs and legal hold for any tracking or investigative purposes if there are suspicions of email accounts being breached or leak of confidential data.

It is widely used for employees who work remotely from out of office, home or overseas and allows for flexible work arrangements (holidays, maternity, part timers).

It is only a matter of time when businesses will have to decide to migrate over to a cloud email system.

Traditional Email Hosting

Traditional web hosting plans are under a shared hosting environment suitable for personal blogs and small business websites.

For shared hosting environment, Server resources such as processor, memory, storage, bandwidth and third-party software will be shared among other users on the same server space.

Emails are view through the online webmail portal or downloadable through POP or IMAP protocols onto end user devices through email software such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail.

Hardware & Software Firewalls

Hardware and software firewalls protect hackers and other online threats by blocking dangerous pieces of data from reaching into the system.
Hardware firewalls protect the network from external threats.

Software firewalls are installed on individual endpoints to inspect data and can block specific programs from even sending data to the Internet.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There is a general misconception on VPN.
Most consumers normally think of the VPN that masks their IP address or spoof their IP address to browse unreachable or blocked websites.

Corporate VPN allows employees to log into the office network to work remotely as if they are in the office from anywhere. Clients can choose either to mirror their office computer; or connect to the office directly.

Different VPN solutions can be customized based on the remote access requirements.

Data Storage / Shared Drives

Onsite data storage mainly comes from either a Server or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and is used to share data files locally within the organization.

Having a NAS is a better choice as it is a dedicated data storage device with other benefits such as expandable data space, offsite cloud backup synchronization and cost effectiveness.

In today’s modern working environment, there is a need for Cloud data storage for remote file access, security and internal or external work collaboration.

Endpoint Devices (Desktops & Laptops)

There is a huge gap in IT Consumer goods and Commercial goods. AVBT highly recommends our clients to use commercial grade rather than consumer grade.

Consumer grade products can be non-complaint, less productive and less cost effective in the long term. Employees need a reasonable device to work with to generate the best amount of revenue for the company.

The real financial loss of purchasing a consumer grade IT asset and repairing it many times over (e.g. 1 year) includes the cost price, total repair cost and loss of productivity or revenue (if there are no spare equipment) and value of the time it is sent for repair.

AVBT curates commercial grade products monthly to ensure the right devices are procured for our clients to meet their expectations and work demands. Customized commercial products are available upon request.

AVBT seeks Value and Reasonable cost for our clients.

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