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A recent Forbes report has shown that 92% of people who pay for ransomware do not get their data back.
You can read more here – Ransomware Reality Shock: 92% Who Pay Don’t Get Their Data Back (

This is akin to killing the kidnap victim after the ransom has been paid. A life is lost.

Data is the lifeblood of a business.
Client data, financial transactions, operational details, all operations in the company are derived from data. When data is lost, the business reputation is lost, it is unable to function properly, and in some cases, close down.

There are 3 simple ways whereby companies can safeguard against data loss.

  1. Anti-Malware:
  • In this digital age, businesses are constantly on the go and connected to various media on the Internet.
  • A simple click on a malicious link, a download of an infected program or website is all it takes for the computer to be infected.
  • An anti-malware would be able to detect and prevent such threats.
  1. Firewall:
  • Companies can opt to make their data accessible via a firewall only.
  • Users would need to log into the firewall in order to access company data.
  • All traffic is scanned, and rules are set to scan all traffic for malice before allowing it.
  1. Multi-factor authentication:
  • In the event of passwords being compromised, a multi-factor authentication system would detect the attempt to log into the account to access data and prevent it.

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